3 Best Bass Fishing Rod Setup Ideas To Try

Many specialized rods are available, so anglers can choose the best one for their specific needs. Your decision depends on the rod’s action, stiffness, power, responsiveness, and other factors.

Fishing rod action refers to how much of your fishing rod may bend when there is the pressure at the tip and how fast it can return to the at-rest shape. You can check the fishing rod action chart right here to learn more about it. 

Of course, you can’t just fish with the rod alone. So, here are the best three bass fishing rod setup ideas that can cover almost anything you face on the water. Let’s check them all and find your favorite!

6 or 7-Foot Medium Spinning Rod – 2500 Size Spinning Reel

  • Rod length: 6 to 7 feet 
  • Rod power: Medium
  • Action: Moderate 
  • Reel: 2500 size
  • Lures: Drop shots, light jerkbaits, topwaters, shaky heads, and lightweight plastics
  • Line: A 6 to 10-pound mono or fluoro (or a fluoro leader and lightweight braided line) 

If you are a big fan of spinning rods, do not miss this combination. A rod length of seven feet gives you a considerable advantage in terms of casting distance. Meanwhile, the medium power rate is lightweight enough to support various finesse techniques, and its stoutness is sufficient to catch big bass easily. 

After choosing the rod, consider the best reel size for it. And nothing can pair with a seven-foot medium spinning rod better than the 2500-size reel. 

First, this reel is versatile, making it suitable for many rod setups. Manufacturers may label it size 20 or 30, but they aim for the same goal. 

The reel size matters a lot in your fishing. If it’s too small, you will encounter line twists when the line gets stuck on the spool. On the other hand, if the reel is too big, it may turn out cumbersome when dealing with lightweight lures. So, the 2500 reel stands out as a balance. 

The 2500-size reel is one of the most popular reel choices for bass fishing due to its versatility. It can also extend as you need.  

Drop shots, light jerkbaits, topwaters, shaky heads, and lightweight plastics are the best lures for this rod and reel setup. 

Now, you need a matching fishing line to complete your setup. You have two options in this term:

  • A 6 to 10-pound monofilament or fluorocarbon line
  • A fluorocarbon leader with a light-pound test braided line 
A medium spinning rod can go well with a 2500-size reel
A medium spinning rod can go well with a 2500-size reel

7-Foot Medium-Heavy Baitcast Rod – 7:1 Ratio Baitcast Reel

  • Rod length: 7 feet 
  • Rod power: Medium-heavy
  • Action: Moderate to fast 
  • Reel: 7:1 gear ratio
  • Lures: Chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, Texas-rigged soft plastic, jigs, etc. 
  • Line: A 12 to 15-pound fluoro 

If you can only get one rod for your next bass fishing trip, go for this medium-heavy rod. This power range comes in handy in many cases. 

Aside from spinning, baitcasting is popular among anglers in bass fishing. It would be best to use a seven-foot rod with medium-heavy power to take full advantage of its versatility.

Baitcasting takes longer to learn. But once you can pull it off, this technique will give you more casting accuracy and power, opening you up to many new fishing skills.  

Another benefit of this setup is that you can attach multiple types of lures to it. I often stick to chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, Texas-rigged soft plastic, and jigs. Yet, other lures can still work. 

The best gear ratio for this medium-heavy rod is 7:1. This all-around speed can go well with various techniques that this setup may handle. 

How about the fishing line? I highly recommend the 12 to 15-pound fluoro, as it can cover anything you catch using this reel and rod setup. 

Choose a medium-heavy rod if you need a versatile setup
Choose a medium-heavy rod if you need a versatile setup

7-Foot, 6-Inch Heavy Power Baitcaster Combo

  • Rod length: 7 feet 6 inches 
  • Rod power: Heavy 
  • Action: Extra fast 
  • Reel: 7:1 gear ratio
  • Lures: Soft plastics, jigs, frogs, buzzbaits, Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, and swimbaits 
  • Line: A 15 to 17-pound fluoro line or a 40 to 50-pound braided line

If you plan a bass fishing trip in thick structure, like bushes, grass, and docks, choose a more powerful rod to catch big bass. A 7’6″ heavy baitcasting rod won’t disappoint you in this scenario. 

This rod length lets you easily flip, pitch, and punch thick covers using your soft plastics and jigs. And if you aim for open waters, choose Carolina rigs and football jigs instead. 

Furthermore, you can pair the rod with small and medium-sized swimbaits. Frogs, buzzbaits, and Texas rigs also help achieve the same effect. Remember to check the lure weight to determine the right swimbait to attach. 

This heavy rod performs even better when paired with a 7:1 ratio baitcasting reel. Again, this gear ratio can help in many fishing techniques, and this combo is no exception. 

Now, choose the fishing line for your setup. If you use a buzzbait or a frog as bait, go with a 40 to 50-pound braided line. This combo gives you plenty of strength but is still thin enough for a long cast. 

A 15 to 17-pound fluoro line can also work for many fishing techniques. So go for it if you don’t know which line to choose. 

It would be best to use a heavy rod in thick cover
It would be best to use a heavy rod in thick cover


It’s essential to consider the rod length, power, and action for your bass fishing trip. The reel, lures, and lines you pair with it can affect your game as well. 

So, experiment with the three options recommended in this guide. Then, you can settle on the perfect one for your case. If you have any questions when setting up your gear, do not hesitate to reach us.

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