Best Baitcasting Reels For Beginners (Top 6 Baitcaster Reel Is The Most Popular)

Best Baitcasting Reels For Beginners

Baitcasting reels are best known for their ability to cast in longer distances with great accuracy. Furthermore, this type of reel is highly durable and can go with virtually all fishing purposes.  Hence, it should be no surprise as to why many anglers are determined to own a quality baitcasting reel.

If you are new to the game and want to experience the charms of this tackle item, let’s have a look at the 6 best baitcasting reels for beginners in the article below.

In-Depth Reviews Of 6 Best Baitcasting Reels For Beginners

Product imageProduct nameEditor' reviewEditor' ratingPrice
SHIMANO Curado K Baitcast ReelBest Choice Overall4.9See last price
Abu Garcia Pro Max & Max Pro LowBest For Budget4.7See last price
KastKing Royale Legend II 200Best For Recreational Fishing4.9See last price
Sougayilang Fishing Baitcasting ReelsBest For Casting Distance4.6See last price
KastKing MegaJaws Baitcasting ReelBest For Professional Use4.8See last price
Piscifun Alijoz Baitcasting ReelsBest For Value4.5See last price

SHIMANO Curado K Baitcasting Reel – Editor’s Choice

See Last Price

Let’s kick off my list of the best baitcasting reels for beginners with a classic model from SHIMANO – the Curado K baitcasting reel. Being a reputable brand name on the market, no wonder why SHIMANO manages to introduce such a reliable product. So, is Curado worth the hype? The answer is yes! At first, I was most impressed with the X-Ship technology unique to the manufacturers. This means the reel has two series of bearings running on both ends of the pinion gear, thus increasing its sturdiness. 

Friction between the spool shaft and the gear will be reduced, so feel free to enjoy your cast even if the loads appear to be too heavy. But the charms of this product do not end here. Curado includes a MicroModule Gearing, combined with the SVS Infinity braking system.

These two attributes grant fishers more control over the spool and the brake force, which boosts the smoothness and efficiency of your fishing trip.  And, of course, since Curado is built to last, you can expect the reel to be functional for at least a few years before the performance goes down. Even if the initial cost is a bit high for the average customer, rest assured that the investment will balance itself in the long run. Unfortunately, SHIMANO Curado is not without flaws. Customers have complained about the weight of this item, as it is relatively heavy to use for a long time. 


  • Well-known brand name.
  • X-Ship technology for extended lifespan and sturdiness.
  • MicroModule Gearing and SVS Infinity braking system for extra smoothness.


  • Heavy.
  • Expensive.

Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel – Best Value For Money

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If you are not ready to pour a lot of money into a baitcasting reel, but still want to try out how it works, I suggest you have a look at the Abu Garcia Pro Max low profile reel.  This product is available in two styles, Old Model with a black & white coating and New Model with black coating. Both of them are made from aluminum, which is robust enough but still lightweight.

No more worries about feeling sore even if you spend a long day casting and reeling in. At a closer look, this model prides itself on the 7 stainless steel ball bearings and 1 roller bearing. They ensure the stability of your reel and help lower the friction, resulting in much more ease for the users. You can throw the fishing line for yards effortlessly and retrieve it within seconds.

How wonderful, right? But the best part about Abu Garcia Pro Max is probably its affordability. These reels cost roughly between 80$ and 100%, a reasonable number for amateur fishermen. Within the same price range, you are not likely to find a baitcasting reel that performs just as impressively. That being said, Abu Garcia Pro Max does have one massive downside. When the reel is up and running, it emits loud, screeching noises that disturb the otherwise peaceful atmosphere. For quiet fellas, this product might be slightly off-putting.


  • Robust and lightweight aluminum frame.
  • 7+1 bearing system for better stability and less friction.
  • Highly affordable.


  • Can be noisy.

KastKing Royale Legend II Baitcasting Reel – Best For Capacity

See Last Price

Well-built, heavy-duty, and powerful are the three adjectives I use to describe the Royale Legend II model from KastKing.  At first glance, this product stands out with its sleek black & red external layer, giving the entire surface a shiny look. But the functionalities of Royale Legend II are even more impressive than its appearance.

To be more specific, the product takes advantage of a larger and wider frame, which is capable of holding up to 17lb mono 130 yards. Considering this drag power, Royale Legend II is bound to endure even the toughest deep diving crankbaits for muskie size lures. Moreover, the entire body of this reel is made from graphite, a material mostly known for its being lightweight.

Coupled with a 105mm aluminum handle arm and EVA knobs, the reel tries its best to eliminate all discomfort and grant anglers relaxation throughout the entire fishing trip.  Personally speaking, I find the most alluring feature of Royale Legend II is its 4-disc, carbon fiber drag system for extra finesse.

The ten-level braking system is controlled by magnetic buttons, which erases your worries about having a stuck line or overrunning.  Still, this offer from KastKing is far from perfect. Given its low gear ratio, the retrieval speed is a bit on the slow side. Hence, if you want to go freshwater fishing, this reel is not your best choice.


  • High capacity.
  • Graphite frame.
  • 4-disc, carbon fiber drag and magnetic, ten-level braking system.


  • Low gear ratio.

Sougayilang Baitcasting Reel – Best For Limited Budget

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Can you find a reliable baitcasting reel that costs less than 40$? The question seems impossible, but Sougayilang manages to surprise anglers with a product that fits nicely within the given price range. If you wonder whether such a cheap baitcasting reel can actually work, then let’s have a look at what it has to offer! Sougayilang creates the first impression with its black & red anodized CNC machined aluminum forged spool, which boosts maximal strength when casting without feeling too hefty. 

With the Swing-Wing design, the side covers are ergonomic enough to stick to the rod firmly. You do not have to be concerned about the reel falling off your fishing pole. Furthermore, unlike most manufacturers who use EVA knobs, Sougayilang uses two rubberwood handles for a comfortable grip.

The reel also has an instant anti-reverse system, and 10 stainless steel bearings, and a 1-10 magnetic brake system, effectively reducing friction. Whether you are up against freshwater or saltwater fish, this baitcasting reel can handle them all.  In case you are skeptical about the quality of this model, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer for support.

Each Sougayilang package comes with 1 year of customer service, which helps solve all of your issues while using and storing the reel. What a relief! But since Sougayilang is dirt cheap, do not expect it to be long-lasting. The product works best within 15 months and shows signs of deterioration after that period. Thus, frequent replacements are necessary.


  • Highly affordable for the average customer.
  • Rubberwood handles.
  • Swing-Wing design.
  • 1 year of customer service.


  • Not durable.

KastKing MegaJaws Baitcasting Reel – Best For Long Casting

See Last Price

Upon first hearing about this model, I was immediately taken aback by its name. MegaJaws refers to one of the most intimidating sea predators, so does this mean that the reel offers a beastly performance? After learning more about its attributes, I eventually understood why KastKing chose this name. MegaJaws incorporate a unique KastKing Low Friction Tapered Vortex for super long casts, as it reduces line friction effortlessly. Should you want to go inshore fishing or deep diving, then this model will not let you down. And do not forget about its 11+1 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings.

Together with the brass pinion, main gear, and worm drive gear, they double down on the strength of the reel and provide up to 17.6lbs of drag power. All of these details are finely made and from durable materials, so your reel is meant to last for a long time.  Finally, it would be a mistake to miss out on the color-coded system that KastKing designs specifically for its MegaJaws line. 

Each reel with a different gear ratio is dubbed with a distinct color, sparing anglers the time to look through all the reels available to find the one needed right away. Very convenient indeed. If you are determined to buy this model, bear in mind that the noise emitted from this reel is not at all pleasant. But it can be encountered briefly using grease.


  • Low Friction Tapered Vortex for long casts.
  • 11+1 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings.
  • 17.6lbs drag power.
  • Color-coded system.


  • Crunchy noise.

Piscifun Alijoz Baitcasting Reel – Best For Customization

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Piscifun prides itself on the ability to customize a reel based on the preferences of an angler.  Compared to other pre-assembled baitcasting reels, the manufacturers make sure Piscifun stands out with two colors (black & red and grey & golden), two styles (left and right-handed), and two different gear ratios (5.9:1 and 8.1:1).

Feel free to mix up any of these factors and get yourself a reliable addition to the tackle box. While the handle is made from stainless steel for better control, the mainframe relies on premium aluminum for its sturdiness. The accompanying side plate provides the reel with more strength when handling aggressive fish, so it would be an ideal choice for saltwater fishing. 

As far as the drag system is concerned, the combined capacity of 33lbs and the Hamai cut hardened brass gearing double down on the smoothness for each casting and retrieving.  And have I mentioned the 8 double-shielded bearings with the pinion and main gear combo? By reducing friction and keeping noises at a minimum, Piscifun Alijoz strives to offer customers the best user experience at such an affordable price tag.  Nevertheless, this model still has a few disadvantages. Some customers said that the release button is slightly shaky, and the brake knob is not as firm as other components. 


  • Can customize with various options.
  • Robust stainless steel handle and aluminum frame.
  • 33lbs drag system.
  • 8 ball bearings system.


  • Cheaply made release button and brake knob.

 Best baitcasting reels -A Buying Guide

When looking for the best baitcasting reels for beginners, it can be confusing for shoppers, especially since there are various models available on the market. Hence, it is best that you stick to the guidelines below and evaluate each factor.

How to choose the best baitcasting reel for beginners

Anti-backlash technology

Backlash refers to the situation when your lures or baits touch the water surface and slow down their speed while the spool is still rotating. Due to the mismatched pace of these two components, the fishing line ends up getting tangled and overruns each other.  As a result, anglers have to halt their fishing trip to straighten out the disheveled line, which is both time-consuming and exhausting. Anti-backlash technology

Unlike spinning reels, baitcasting reels are more likely to produce backlash due to their revolving spool. To prevent this problem, most manufacturers include two braking systems in each reel.  They enable fishers to control how fast the fishing line goes out and when to stop the rotation immediately. This way, chances of having backlash will go down significantly.

Therefore, a beginner-friendly baitcasting reel should have a dual braking system, namely the centrifugal and the magnetic one. While the former uses centrifugal force to slow down the rotating speed, the latter uses magnetic fields to increase the resistance.  If executed correctly, having a backlash-free fishing trip will not be far-fetched.

See also: How to stop backlash on baitcasting reel!

The transmission ratio of each item

Transmission ratios are also known as gear ratios. They are numbers showing how many times a spool rotates for each complete turn of a handle.  If a reel has a transmission ratio of 7.1:1, the spool can rotate 7.1 times every time you spin the handle. The higher your transmission ratio is, the faster you can reel the fishing line in.

How to adjust the braking system as a beginner

When you first go fishing, setting the braking system to its maximum is highly recommended. Despite the limited casting distance, you are less likely to develop a backlash.

But once you are more familiar with the experience, do not forget to learn how to adjust the fish stopping power. This way, your spool can revolve faster, and you stand a higher chance of landing a fish.

Spool knob 

First, you need to locate the spool knob. In most reels, it is positioned next to the handle. If you loosen the knob, the spool will rotate much quicker. Vice versa, tightening the knob means the spool will retrieve slowly.  Depending on your level of fishing skills, rotate the spool knob until it reaches an ideal spooling speed.

Magnetic braking system

Magnetic braking system

A magnetic braking system includes tiny magnets that slow down the spool, especially during the middle and final phases of each cast. Some models have as few as 4 to 6 magnets, while others can have up to 10.  By pulling the magnets further away from the spool, you are essentially loosening its holding capacity.

If you are not 100% confident, put the magnets as close to the spool as possible. This way, the magnetic field will prevent the spool from rotating too fast. But do not get mistaken and think that you have to place the magnets using your hands. All the magnets are connected to an external dial placed at the opposite end of the handle. Simply move the settings from 1 to 10 and boom, the braking system is successfully adjusted.

Centrifugal braking system

A centrifugal braking system relies on centrifugal force to control the speed of the spool. The higher the centrifugal force is, the faster the spool rotates. By removing the side plate and altering the internal gauge, you can command the resistance that the spool has to face.  Since it is the most effective within the first few seconds of each cast, make sure to use this short time wisely. 

Thumb pressure

Thumb pressure is using your own thumb and placing it on the rotating spool to slow down the fishing line. While this technique is efficient enough, it can lead to minor injuries or failures should anglers have yet to develop enough skills. 

How To Spool & Cast A Baitcaster Reel For Beginners

  • Step 1: Check to see if all body parts of the reel are properly attached, and the spool is filled with fishing lines. 
  • Step 2: Hold your rod comfortably in your hands. Swing it a few times to see how the rod feels. 
  • Step 3: Place the rod backward. Put it over your shoulder for the right stance. Aim where you want your lure or bait to touch. 
  • Step 4: Throw the rod forwards while pressing the release bar simultaneously. The fishing line will come out right away, and the spool will keep on spinning.
  • Step 5: If you are experienced enough, place your thumb over the rotating spool to modulate pressure. Ideally, the fishing line should stop when the bait or lure hits the water. And your cast is done! 

What To Look For When Buying A Baitcasting Reel

Ball bearings

Ball bearings

Ball bearings are rounded objects used to stabilize the casting process and reduce friction. In most cases, the more ball bearings a reel has, the more capable it is of ensuring a smooth cast and line retrieval. 


Aluminum, graphite, and plastic are the three most common materials used to build a reel.  While aluminum is the sturdiest and most durable, it is rather hefty and hard to bend. On the other hand, graphite and plastic are highly flexible but cannot last for long.  Sometimes, manufacturers decide to build the mainframe using graphite for being lightweight and the main components using aluminum for robustness. This way, your reel can be both elastic and enduring. 

Rounded vs. Low-profile

Rounded baitcasting reels are higher in capacity and more powerful than low-profile reels. However, they take up much more space and can be difficult to use. Subsequently, rounded baitcasting reels are reserved for heavy fishing only.

Rounded vs. Low-profile

Vice versa, low-profile baitcasting reels are designed for comfort and ease of usage. But due to their limited drag power and line capacity, they are mostly suitable for inshore fishing.


Not really. Navigating a baitcasting reel may end up a challenge for beginners, as it requires a lot of fishing knowledge and hands-on experience. But this does not mean amateur anglers cannot use baitcasting reels. If the baitcasters are equipped with reliable anti-backlash technology, it will be pretty similar to a spinning reel.
Baitcasting reels are perfect to go with weedless lures and heavy lures. Flipping baits, soft plastics, punch baits, swim jigs are a few popular types that you might want to try out.
When using a baitcasting reel, go for a medium-heavy rod that is no longer than 6 feet. You need the rod to be rugged enough to support the reel while remaining within the acceptable length. If it is too short, your casting distance will be limited. If it is too long, you will not be able to get hold of the rod for an extended period of time.
Baitcasting reels can be used for various species, such as bass, muskies, walleyes, northern pike, etc. Since the reels are heavy and powerful enough to handle big game fish, anglers bring a baitcasting reel along for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.
Yes. Baitcasting reels are more complicated than spinning reels, which explains why only advanced anglers prefer these items. However, with enough practice and excellent anti-backlash technology, using a baitcaster will be less daunting.
If you are new to baitcasting reels, experts recommend using anything above 10 pounds for learning purposes. The larger the line’s diameter is, the easier it is to come off the spool smoothly. As for the type of fishing line, most people prefer fluorocarbon or braided lines over monofilament. But should you want something to familiarize yourself with, a 17-pound monofilament will suffice.


With this comprehensive guide, hopefully, you will find no difficulty buying the best baitcasting reels for beginners. Do not forget to send the article to fellow anglers and hear their opinions!

If you want to buy a baitcasting lower than 100 dollars, check out our recommendations about 6 Best Baitcasting here
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