10 Best Spinning Reels For Bass (Top-Notch Products For Anglers)

Best Spinning Reels For Bass

Bass fishing attracts the attention of both experienced and amateur anglers due to their ease of catching, beginner-friendliness, and versatility in tools necessary.  There are no definitive requirements over which tool to use when hunting down these aggressive fish.

Some opt for a heavy-duty baitcasting reel for more drag power, while others prefer the flexibility of a spinning reel. If you belong to the latter group, you might want to purchase the best spinning reels for bass fishing. Keep reading and see what this review has to offer!

Detailed Reviews Of The 10 Best Spinning Reels For Bass

Product imageProduct nameEditor' reviewEditor' ratingPrice
SHIMANO Syncopate Spinning ReelBest Value For Money4.9See last price
Abu Garcia Revo IKEBest For High-End Reels4.9See last price
Penn Battle Spinning ReelBest Reviews4.7See last price
KastKing Valiant EagleBest Appearance4.6See last price
KastKing CentronBest For Different Options4.8See last price
KastKing MegatronBest For Power4.5See last price
SHIMANO StradicBest For Sturdiness 4.6See last price
Daiwa BG2500Best For Extra Details4.9See last price
Cadence CS5Best For Lightweight Reels4.6See last price
Cadence CS10Best Overall4.7See last price

1. SHIMANO Syncopate Spinning Reel – Best Value For Money

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The first product that I would like to introduce to you is the Syncopate spinning reel from SHIMANO. At first glance, this model seems a bit unappealing with its dull, brownish coating. But do not be fooled by the reel’s appearance.  Why? Because Syncopate prides itself on the QuickFire II technology, which enables quick one-handed casting that even a beginner can perform skillfully. The attached Propulsion Line Management System takes care of casting distances by extending the line capacity, allowing anglers to aim for targets at different locations. 

And, of course, it would be a mistake not to mention the Varispeed incorporated in this spinning reel. By stabilizing the spool speed while keeping the entire reel sturdy, Varispeed minimizes any wobble even when the reel is under a heavy load.

You can expect total smoothness and sensitivity when bringing SHIMANO Syncopate along. If these features are still not enough to convince you, let’s have a look at the product’s price tag. Many are surprised that the model costs no more than 60$, making it a reasonable choice for both amateurs and professionals alike! 


  • Reasonably priced.
  • QuickFire II for one-handed casting.
  • Propulsion Line Management System for casting distances.
  • Varispeed technology.


  • Off-putting look. 

2. Abu Garcia Revo IKE Spinning Reel – Best For High-End Reels

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For those of you interested in buying an expensive reel, nothing beats the good old Revo IKE. Available for purchase at no less than 210$, many people wonder why this model is worth that much money. The answers lie in its impressive build quality.

Abu Garcia relies on stainless steel for its mainframe, handle, and bearing system/ This is a bold move considering how heavy the metal is. But in return, users would benefit from the robustness and steady performance throughout the entire casting and retrieving process.

Furthermore, this model has a K-Clutch anti-reverse handle that prevents the reel from activating its drag system. This way, feel free to swing and hold the fishing rod without fearing it may end up working backward. That is not to mention the 9 stainless steel HPCR bearings, which help reduce friction and increase the finesse of each cast. 

While Revo IKE is indeed a reliable reel despite its high price, some customers still complain about its lack of sizes. This item only has a size 20 and size 30, which is limited compared to other brands.


  • Stainless steel components.
  • K-Clutch anti-reverse handle.
  • 9 HPCR bearings.


  • Expensive.
  • Only two sizes.

3. Penn Battle Spinning Reel – Best Reviews

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With more than 5200 reviews on Amazon, Penn Battle catches my attention with its strong sales record. Stay tuned and see what Penn Battle has to offer that makes it such a popular choice! First off, the product enjoys unparalleled durability thanks to its full metal body. The handle and bearings are made from stainless steel, while the mainframe relies on heavy-duty aluminum.

Rest assured that your reel is built to last and can cope up with even the most strenuous fishing trip. Secondly, Penn includes a fluid cranking power with 5 stainless steel ball bearings and an instant anti-reverse.

If you have to confront a large, aggressive fish, the drag power makes sure you can hold your stance and reel it in successfully.  Finally, Penn Battle comes with an already-braided, superline spool. The spool is marked with several levels of filling, including ⅓, ⅔, and full capacity. If you often have difficulty spooling in new fishing lines, these tiny markers will be of great help. However, be aware that this spinning reel is not lightweight. Using it for a long time can cause soreness and aches in your upper body.


  • Highly durable.
  • Fluid cranking power and ball bearings.
  • Useful spool.


  • Heavy.

4. KastKing Valiant Eagle Spinning Reel – Best Appearance

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If you want a reel both functional and visually pleasant, the Valiant Eagle model from KastKing will live up to your expectations.  This spinning reel sparkles with its gold trim and a design mimicking the famous golden eagle.

The external coating of this reel exudes a vibe of masculinity that can appease even the pickiest angler. And do you know what the best part is? The charms of Valiant Eagle do not end there. This model has a gear ratio of 6.2:1, an ideal number for bass fishing.

Coupled with the 22lbs multi-disc carbon fiber drag power, the reel guarantees to put up a good fight when confronted with a large-sized catch.

At the same time, the manufacturers put in 7+1 MaxiDur shielded stainless steel ball bearings to achieve more smoothness.  Whether you are casting far away or trying to retrieve the fishing line,  Valiant Eagle sees to it that your efforts bring about maximal results.

That being said, you might hear some clicking noises when casting the reel. Personally speaking, it is not a deal-breaker. But if you prefer utter silence, then you have to apply grease to the internal components before heading outdoors.


  • Gear ratio of 6.2:1.
  • 22lbs drag power.
  • 7+1 MaxiDur ball bearings.
  • Beautiful look.


  • Unwanted sounds. 

5. KastKing Centron Spinning Reel – Best For Different Options

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Another reel that deserves a spot on my list of the best spinning reel for bass is the Centron model. This product piques my curiosity with its 10 variations, including different sizes and styles of design.  You can have reels as small as 500 for fly fishing or sturdier ones at size 5000 for medium-size bass. Do not hesitate to roam through the offers and select one that best fits your fishing purposes.

As far as the material is concerned, Centron uses a narrow graphite frame design for its lightweight. In addition, the central design is balanced by the computer system for compactness, so you can have a good time fishing without feeling uncomfortable.

Last but not least, the spinning reel includes a hardened metal main shaft with a perfect mesh drive gear, coupled with the precision-machined pinion gear. These details contribute to the 17.5lbs drag power that makes this model apt for working with heavy loads. Still, bear in mind that the handles and spool knobs of this reel are quite flimsy. Be careful when exerting too much pressure there.


  • Various choices to choose from.
  • Graphite frame.
  • 17.5lbs drag power.


  • Unsubstantial handles and knobs. 

6. KastKing Megatron Spinning Reel – Best For Power

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Next up, it is time to examine the Megatron model from KastKing. For those interested in buying a heavy-duty spinning reel that goes for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, this product is second to none.

To be more specific, KastKing utilizes a geometric, bionic design that helps Megatron stand out compared to other reels. With the internal aerospace aluminum alloy skeletal frame, the reel can withstand extreme force to battle with the most belligerent fish. 

That is not to mention the zinc alloy main drive gear and brass pinion gear, which doubles down on the robustness of the reel. And since the material is rust-resistant, exposing it to the saline solution will not be a problem.

Regarding the performance, Megatron KastKing prides itself on the 30lbs drag power through a triple disk carbon fiber drag system, a number desired by many competitors on the market. 

Thanks to the accompanied 7+1 doubled shielded, stainless steel ball bearings and anti-reverse, you do not have to worry about inconsistent lines or having backlash while casting. 

Nevertheless, this spinning reel appears to be slightly smaller than anticipated. If you are in need of something more concrete, you may have second thoughts about KastKing Megatron.


  • Geometric design.
  • Sturdy frame with aluminum alloy.
  • 30lbs drag power. 
  • 7+1 ball bearings.


  • Too small.

7. SHIMANO Stradic Spinning Reel – Best For Sturdiness 

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Stable, durable, and versatile are the three adjectives I use to describe the Stradic spinning reel from SHIMANO. The manufacturers have outdone themselves by incorporating the Hagane gear at the center of this model.  Designed in 3D technology and forged by unique cold forging techniques, the internal components of SHIMANO Hagane are best known for their robustness and resilience.

You should also check out the dual bearings placed at both ends of the pinion gear. Through this proposition, the precision of gear alignment is increased, while friction between the gear and the spool shaft is minimized.

As a result, you can expect a lighter, longer, and easier cast!  For the last touch, the external layer of SHIMANO Stradic is both water-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

By offering a dual shield against external factors, this product can be used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing without worries about deteriorating the reel’s quality. 

That being said, all of these amazing features do not come without a price. This model costs well up to 210$, which is out of the affordable range for many customers. Hence, its accessibility is rather limited.


  • Hagane gear for sturdiness.
  • Dual bearings for smoother casts.
  • Water-repellent.
  • Corrosion-resistant.


  • Expensive.

8. Daiwa BG2500 Spinning Reel  – Best For Extra Details

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While some spinning reels favor minimalism, the BG2500 version of Daiwa earns its reputation through its various attributes. The brand is more than determined to provide anglers with a highly versatile product, which is why Daiwa BG2500 is stuffed with details.

When looking at the reel, you can easily spot its oversized Digigear system. Having the largest drive gear is the reason why this model has increased power and torque, making it highly suitable for catching heavy fish. 

Moreover, Daiwa BG2500 comes with an updated air rotor that weighs 15% less than typical rotors. Not only does it reduce the overall weight of the reel, but it also distributes strength more evenly for smoother casts.

My favorite trait of this reel is probably its screw-in handle. By securing the handle arm and the main gear with no excess movement, Daiwa ensures that each turn of the handle will be uninterrupted and remains fully under the control of the users. 

Unfortunately, these features do not mean that Daiwa BG2500 is without flaws. Some customers believe that they could get a similarly functional reel with a cheaper price tag since this model is rather overpriced.


  • Oversized Didigear for more torque.
  • Lightweight rotor.
  • Screw-in handle.
  • Spool with maximal performance.


  • Overpriced.

9. Cadence CS5 Spinning Reel – Best For Lightweight Reels

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If you intend on fishing for long hours, it is crucial to pick a reel that does not cause soreness on the upper body. This is when the CS5 spinning reel from Cadence becomes useful.

Unlike most other reels, CS5 relies on meta carbon to craft its mainframe instead of graphite or aluminum. This way, the weight is reduced by 53%, while the stability is increased by 20% compared to aluminum.  At the same time, the handle enjoys an ergonomic design with EVA knobs for better grip.

Talking about the highest level of comfort when going fishing! But the charms of Cadence CS5 do not end there.

This model has 8 corrosion-resistant ball bearings and an instant anti-reverse mechanism, which help prevent any wobble during casting and retrieving.  The carbon drag system offers up to 20lbs of drag power, so you are well-equipped to reel in most medium-sized and large bass.

Impressive, right? However, you should know that the bail on this reel is hard to flip open. Only through extensive use does it start to loosen up a bit, so take your time with CS5.


  • Metacarbon frame for lightweight.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • 8 ball bearings and anti-reverse.
  • 20lbs of drag power.


  • Hard-to-open flip.

10. Cadence CS10 Spinning Reel – Best Overall

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Have you fallen in love with Cadence CS5 and want an updated version of this product? I am sure the CS10 reel will leave you speechless. Similar to its predecessor, CS10 prides itself on the unique magnesium and carbon composite frame.

The build quality balances both the weight and the stability, which means anglers get to enjoy a highly effective yet comfortable reel. 

The 11 corrosion-resistant bearings take care of the friction and bring about absolute smoothness while casting, so you do not have to worry about applying uneven pressure. 

Furthermore, Cadence CS10 is compatible with various fishing purposes. Whether you want to catch bass, trout, redfish, or even walleye, the reel can handle them all. This is thanks to its wide range of size selections, high-quality materials, and innovative design.

Still, Cadence CS10 requires constant greasing and lubing to stay in peak conditions. If you do not mind a bit of maintenance work, then it should be no problem.


  • Magnesium and carbon composite frame.
  • 11 ball bearings.
  • Compatible for many purposes.


  • High maintenance.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Spinning Reel For Bass

When looking for a reliable and functional spinning reel, the brand name and reviews from previous customers are not enough. You have to check out the specifications and other factors that contribute to the build quality of each product. 

Hence, it is essential to learn about the ins and outs of spinning reels. From there, you will have the foundational knowledge required to make a wise investment. Below are the eight most important elements to consider when buying spinning reels.


Having a well-built structure is arguably the most prioritized when it comes to a spinning reel’s performance. If the manufacturers pay particular attention to the construction process, you can expect robustness and stability even after extensive usage. 

Therefore, many anglers are extremely picky about the material of their reels. Aluminum alloys, graphite, and plastic are the three most popular choices.

Aluminum wins the hearts of experienced anglers thanks to its steadiness and firmness, but the hefty weight can be off-putting for those lacking muscular strength.

That is not to mention how not all metal reels are corrosion-resistant, making it unsuitable for saltwater fishing.  Vice versa, graphite is much more lightweight and can be used for various purposes. However, it is not long-lasting and fails to handle large fish. 

As for plastic, most people have advised against this cheaply composed substance. It might be economical in the first place, but the reel cannot hold up for more than a few fishing trips and will need a replacement soon. 

If you intend on fishing all year round, choose a sturdy, trustworthy item made from high-quality material.


reel weights

There are two reasons why you should never miss out on your reel’s weight. Firstly, finding the ideal heaviness allows you to match the reel with the rod. If your reel is too burdensome and the rod is too flimsy, chances are the latter will not be able to support the former.

As a result, casting and retrieving end up being more difficult.  And, of course, there is always the worst scenario when the pole gets snapped.

Secondly, it is about your own comfort while fishing. In most cases, bass fishing can take up to a few hours at least.

Should the reel be too big, your arms and shoulders are bound to feel sore and stiff afterward. So, do not forget to check out how much your reel weighs.

Reel and spool size

Spinning reels are offered in various sizes, from tiny size 1000, medium size 4000 to large size 6500. Choosing the right size for your reel depends on your target species, fishing seasons, and types of lines.  Are you interested in landing freshwater, small-sized bass?

Anything between size 2000 and 3500 will suffice.  Are you more invested in inshore fishing and want to catch striped bass? Pick a reel size of at least 6000 and beyond.

You might have a look at this guide on spinning reel sizes for more details. While you do not have to worry about the spool size as it is already included in the reel, there should be some considerations over the spool quality. 

Spools made from reinforced aluminum tend to endure higher line capacity and more drag power, but they can add more pressure to the reel. If you prefer something lightweight and easier to yield, go for graphite spools instead. 

Line capacity

Line capacity

Line capacity is how many yards of fishing line a spool can hold when it is at peak performance. If a reel has a line capacity of 20lbs 120 yards, it means the reel has 120 yards of 20lbs fishing line maximum.  Finding out the ideal line capacity for a reel means you have to understand the characteristics of each fishing line.

To be more specific, braided lines are heavier and more powerful, which calls for less line capacity than mono and fluorocarbon lines.  If the reel is reserved for bass fishing only, most professionals recommend a line capacity of approximately 12lbs 100 yards.   

Gear ratio

Gear ratio refers to how many times the spool rotates for each turn of a handle. Reels with a higher gear ratio are faster, while reels with a low gear ratio have more torque. 

If you want to catch small-sized bass, using anything higher than 6.2:1 is more likely to bring back success. Vice versa, 6:1 and below are best for handling big-sized fish.

Drag system

Sometimes, the fish strikes a bite and decides to fight back instead of giving in to your reel. This is when the drag system comes into handy. The drag power allows anglers to keep the fishing line steady, hold the catch stable, and prevent the fish from yanking off the hooks. 

You should also check out the adjustability of the drag system, as each line retrieval requires a different level of power.

Anti-reverse handles

If you mismanage the reel, it can turn backward and activate the drag system, calling for the line to start retrieving.

Hence, most reputable reel manufacturers include an instant anti-reverse handle that keeps the reel in check.  The handle should be firmly connected to the mainframe and has an ergonomic design for better grip.

Ball bearings

Ball bearings

Ball bearings are rounded pieces used to reduce friction and increase the smoothness of each cast. While the number of ball bearings is indeed important, remember that quality is also a key factor here.

If you have 10 ball bearings made from rusty metal, they will not be of much help for the reel’s stability.  Try to find a reel with at least 4-5 double-shielded, stainless steel ball bearings for maximal impact. 


Out of the 10 products reviewed above, the Cadence CS10 stands out as the best spinning reel for bass. Not only is it lightweight and comfortable to use for a long period, but it is also powerful enough for medium-sized and large fish. Coupled with the estimated lifespan of a few years, it is safe to say that this model excels at bass fishing.
As stated above, the best gear ratio for bass fishing will vary significantly. For small-sized fish, a high gear ratio provides the necessary speed and swiftness to lure them in. But in case you are dealing with medium-sized and large bass, a lower gear ratio with more stability and torque is preferable. But if you are looking for a multipurpose reel, a gear ratio around 6.2:1 is versatile enough.
Similar to the reels, fishing rods are also available in various lengths and weights. If you want to minimize the discomfort while fishing, make sure to balance between the reel size and the rod size. size rod for bass reel For example, a lightweight rod under 6 feet is best accompanied by a reel size 1500 to 2000. Are you using a reel size 3000? Lengthen the rod a bit and extend it to roughly 7.5 - 8 feet. If you are using fishing poles longer than 8 feet, consider a reel size 4000 and beyond.
There is no concrete answer over which reel is better for bass fishing, as spinning reels and baitcasting reels have their own advantages and downsides. As far as spinning reels are concerned, backlash is less likely to happen, and the price tag tends to be lower. Furthermore, spinning reels are more beginner-friendly, easier to use, and feel comfortable even after using for a long period. All of these benefits come at the cost of limited durability, power, and lifespan. At the same time, baitcasting reels are way sturdier when confronted with squirming fish. They are also compatible with all types of baits and lures, and each baitcaster can last for years if used and stored properly. However, fishing line overrunning, higher level of expertise, and heaviness are some of the main problems faced by anglers while using these items. See also: Are Baitcasters better than spinning reels?
Since spinning reels have a wide range of size, it is impossible to establish the best size for bass fishing unless we know more about the target. Do you want to catch striped bass? If yes, reel size 6000 to 10000 are ideal. For smallmouths, there is no need to use anything bigger than 3000. See also: Spinning Reel Size Chart!


Choosing the best spinning reels for bass should be no problem once you have finished these guidelines. Make sure to evaluate the pros and cons of each option carefully before you place an order. And do not forget to send this article to fellow anglers and see what their opinions are!

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