4 Must-Try Night Fishing Bass Lures For A Successful Trip In Summer

night fishing bass lures

Anglers have a great chance of catching big bass in the dark but many of them don’t pay attention. We affirm that darkness is something extremely enchanting that anglers shouldn’t miss. 

In the summer, when the night comes and bass fish invade shallow waters, using bait with a rig will be pretty difficult.

So we will discuss the top 4 best night fishing bass lures here and give you some tricks for using them to reel in your next trophy catch. Let’s get started!

1. Spinnerbait

Spinner Lures
Spinnerbaits help you cover a wide area
  • Size: 1/2 and 3/4 ounces
  • Color: Black or red 
  • Key features: Single blade and silicone skirt 

Spinnerbaits are excellent nighttime lures for catching bass because of their flash, thump, and movement in the water. When you use this bait, try to cover the same area as you do during the daytime, including the laydowns, docks, and vegetation lines. 

Another terrific strategy is fishing in a well-lit dock. This condition makes the bass think it’s daylight and stay near the structure. Then, you just need to roll the bait around the edges and wait for a rug. 

Furthermore, spinnerbaits are suitable for night fishing thanks to their vivid color patterns, which can be red or black. You may wonder how black works at night. But interestingly, it’s the color of many prey that bass feed on at night. 

The blade fluttering quickly in the water is also a big plus. A spinnerbait has a large Colorado blade, creating subtle water vibrations. It also does a good job of drawing bass, even in the dark. 


  • Spinnerbaits can cover a wide area quickly.
  • The vivid colors attract fish easily.
  • The Colorado blade creates a sublet movement in the water. 


  • The blade may slide off sometimes. 

2. Buzzbait

  • Size: 1/2, 1/4, and 3/7 ounces 
  • Color: Black, red, or white 
  • Key features: Metal-wire J-shape frame and lead keeper

Buzzbaits have metal-wire frames with a J-shape. It also has a blade rigged at the top of the wire and a hook at the bottom. 

You can choose the buzzbaits in different sizes. Selecting a bigger blade is better because it can create more commotion. Meanwhile, the smaller one delivers a finesse presentation.  

Buzzbaits can help you cover a large area aggressively. Hence, take advantage of their features by fishing in loose covers, like dock posts, flooded bushes, reeds, or willow grass. 

In addition, a big buzzbait for night fishing helps you reel your bait slowly on top water. It causes commotion on the surface, giving you a huge advantage because bass depends on senses to hunt for food at night. 

Once your lure gurgles on the water’s surface, slow your retrieve to a constant speed and stay there. Then, change your speed to trigger the bass to bite.  


  • You can cover a large area aggressively. 
  • The hook allows you to attach more lures. 
  • This bait is excellent for top water. 


  • The setup is quite complicated for beginners.
Buzzbaits are best suited for top water

3. Jigs

  • Size: 1/2, 3/4, and 3/8 ounces 
  • Color: Black or dark blue 
  • Key features: Rubber skirts, weed guards, and a hook with eye and metallic weight attached

Bass may change their location from the strike zone in the daytime to the bottom during the night. In this case, nothing is better than a bottom bait like a jig. 

The best setup for this idea is a football head jig, frog trailer, or plastic craw. When you cast your line, give your bait with solid ticks using your rod tip. Then, get ready for the bite. 

The blade of your jib can displace a lot of water, giving bass a nice thing to hone. Moreover, its unique design helps it move smoothly through weeds. 

A bass jig is powerful when working in different water bodies and seasons. The only difference occurs when you choose the type of jig, which can differ in size, weight, color, head style, and hook size. 

The most common choice is the football jig. This lure has a larger head shape so that it won’t get stuck in timber or rocks. 

Night fishing with the football jig is also the most relaxing. You just need to cast your line and see it sink. Then, slowly pull it up and set it back down. Remember to keep long pauses in between.  


  • Jigs are perfect for bottom fishing. 
  • These lures come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. 
  • Beginners find this bait easy to use. 


  • You need to learn the differences between the jig types to opt for the best one. 

4. Big Worms

  • Size: Up to 15 inches 
  • Color: Depending on the worm
  • Key features: Signature scene and large profile 

Big worms are the last option on this list. You can pair a ribbon-tailed worm with a sharp hook, then drag it across the water bottom. It should be near the creek channels or grass flats to increase your chance of success. 

If you want to catch bigger bass, consider pairing your worm with Florida, Caroline, or Texas rig. Also, use a slow retrieve to bring out the best of this combination. 

Another benefit of using the big worm is its signature scene. Believe us; the scent will attract bass to come and hold onto it for longer. 


  • The worm has an appealing scent. 
  • You can pair the worm with different rig types to increase your success rate. 
  • The big size is excellent for night fishing. 


  • Some rigs can be too slow.  


Night fishing for bass is an exciting and rewarding experience. But to succeed in catching big fish, you need to prepare the right lures. 

Whether you prefer spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, big worms, jigs, or other types of lures, feel free to experiment with them. Then, you can settle on your perfect match. 

We hope you feel more confident about your next night’s fishing adventure with the tips shared above. Happy fishing time!

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