Best Trout Spinners: Top 7 Spinner Lure For Trout And How To Use Them

top spinner lure for trout

Have you ever used a spinner lure for trout fishing? This bait creates a vibration that looks like a wounded fish, making it an attractive prey to trout. 

With this idea in mind, you must be excited to try it for your next trip. However, the result won’t be productive if you choose an improper spinner lure for trout and use an ineffective fishing technique. 

So before you start, check this guide first. We will show you the best type of spinner lure. You can also learn how to use it in different water conditions. 

Best Trout Spinner Lure

There are many types of trout spinner lures to consider. After testing, we found that the five options yield the most impressive outcomes. 

Worden’s Rooster Tail

Worden’s Rooster Tail spinner

If you want to fish in streams or rivers, the rooster tail will be your perfect companion to catch both small and big trout. Some advantages you can get from this spinner include the following:

  • The tail creates smooth vibrations in the water, making it an appealing bait. 
  • Since it looks like natural food, trout will bite it without hesitation. 
  • The lure is lightweight. 
  • You have many choices in colors and sizes. We love bright ones with gold blades because they perform nicely in almost any situation. 
  • You can buy single hooks, which are helpful for “catch and release” fishing

Blue Fox Vibrax

Blue Fox Vibrax spinner

This spinner is popular among experienced anglers who intend to fish in deeper streams, lakes, and rivers. Using it, you will gain these benefits:

  • You won’t have to deal with line twists. 
  • The fluorescent colors are perfect for dark water. 
  • The spinner creates a fantastic Vibrax with RoosterTail-like feathers around the hook.
  • Fish will love the unique vibration created by the lure. 
  • There are many colors and sizes to choose from. 

Panther Martin

Panther Martin spinner

Panther Martin has a bigger blade than other models on this list, but what can you get from it?

  • The vibration will be louder. Hence, it’s a fantastic choice for fishing in deep waters. 
  • You can control the spinner deep without dealing with additional weight. 
  • There are also single-hook models. 
  • You can choose from multiple styles. 

Joe’s Flies Short Striker

Joe's Flies Short Striker spinner

The Striker is a combination of a fly and a spinner. You will have a terrific fishing trip with this lure because: 

  • It looks a lot like trout food and is excellent at luring fish. 
  • Since it has a treble and single hook, your chances of hooking and catching trout will be higher. 
  • The vibration and flash emitted by the lure are striking. 

Mepps Aglia

Mepps Aglia spinner

The Aglia spinner is prevalent for catching large trout. It has a classic design of a gold color with natural hair. Here are some benefits it will give you:

  • Mepps is a reliable brand in the industry. 
  • Due to the density and weight of the lure, it’s perfect for long casting and can go deep. 
  • The spinner can work well in many fishing situations. 

What Size Spinner Lures For Trout

All five types of spinner lures above are available in multiple sizes. You can select the best one based on some factors. 

We recommend a maximum of a 1/2 ounce for most trout fishing situations. Also, spinners as small as a 1/8 ounce are very popular.

Everything depends on the size of the fish you’re seeking and the fishing location. The 1/8 ounce will be best if you are in a tiny stream or lake. You may scale the baits correspondingly if you’re fishing for bigger brown trout in large ponds and rivers.

Type of spinnerIn streams and ponds In rivers and large pondsRecommended use
Worden's Rooster Tail1/32, 1/24, and 1/161/16, 1/8, and 1/4Brook trout and rainbow trout
Blue Fox Vibrax7/64 and 1/83/16, 1/4, and 3/8 Brook trout and rainbow trout
Panther Martin1/32 and 1/161/8, 1/4, and 3/8Rainbow trout
Joe's Flies Short Striker1/161/8 and 1/4Rainbow trout
Mepps Aglia1/18, 1/12, and 1/81/6 and 1/4Brook trout, rainbow trout, and, brown trout

Best Spinner Colors For Trout

Spinners come in various colors, but which one is the best? You have to consider many factors to answer this question. For example:


Ensure that the lure you select matches the surrounding landscape. So a golden lure will look best if you fish trout on a sunny day. And if it’s a cloudy day, we recommend silver spinners. 

The trout’s food

This species is a cannibal. For trout to bite your spinner, it should look like little fish or brown and rainbow trout fry. The trout will hunt for them and grab them when they are hungry. 

Water visibility

The spinner should stand out in the water so trout can easily detect them.

For example, use bright colors if you catch fish on a cloudy day. On the other hand, in clear waters, muted colors look like what the fish often see.

Feel free to experiment with the colors. If one doesn’t work, go for the opposite. 

And always keep calm if your experiments fail. Although color is important in fishing, other factors may also affect your productivity.

How Do You Use A Spinner Lure For Trout? 

You may have chosen the right type of spinner for the trout you want to catch and your fishing ground. However, without a good technique, you may fail. 


It sounds simple to let the current start the spinner in flowing water. However, casting your spinner upstream is the most effective method.

Trout use the water flow to bring food to themselves. They’ll establish a base just outside the flow and observe what happens. As a result, you should cast upstream for the food to reach them.

It becomes tricky because you have to retrieve swiftly to turn on the blade and stay up with the water’s flow. Make sure to keep the fishing line as tight and slack-free as possible.

You can learn more tips for using a spinner in streams from this video:


Deeper is often better in calm water like lakes. Try to wait until the spinner has dropped after casting before retrieving it. Just before you begin drawing it in, give it a little wiggle to ensure the blade is moving. 

To keep the lure down, maintain the retrieve on its slow side. If you spin the spinner too rapidly, it will go too shallow to attract trout.

A spinner can also work as trolling bait, but they usually bounce up. The solution is to add weight. 

You can attach the bait and line to the other two ends of a three-way swivel, then clip a sinker to the top end. This tip enables the sinker to hold the spinner low without limiting the lure’s motion.

The rig is good for both deep and shallow waters
The rig is good for both deep and shallow waters

Tip: A rig is the combination of terminal tackle used to catch trout.


Moving around and covering as much area as possible while trout fishing in rivers is crucial. It means that you will finish at one site in a short amount of time before going on to the next site.

This rule doesn’t apply only if you receive a brief strike and then try a new style to see whether you can get the same trout to bite again.

It’s usually better to cast a spinner across the current and then allow the water to carry it downstream as you recover it. This motion will create an arc.

Single Hook Lures – Spinners 

The most significant benefit of using single hook lures is their ease of use. If you want to purchase single-hook spinners, we highly recommend these models. 

Smith Niakis spinner

Smith Niakis spinner

With this spinner, you may change the hook easily if it breaks, bends, or becomes dull. Additionally, it acts as a universal joint and significantly reduces the possibility that a twisting fish may gain leverage to mess with the hook.  

Palms Spinwalk Clevis Spinners

palms spinwalk clevis gold salmon
Consider single-hook lures to avoid line twists

The Palms Spinwalk Clevis is one of Japan’s most well-known inline spinners for trout fishing. 

The lure has a rounded blade and a clevis that allow it to start quickly. Moreover, it has many features, such as a built-in swivel and a weight, that minimize line twists.

Final Thoughts 

Spinners are fantastic for trout fishing because their blades can create strong vibrations and trigger bites.

You can choose the best one for your fishing trip after considering the trout you want to fish, where you fish, and how the weather is. 

Hopefully, you will have a good experience with spinners. For any problem, don’t hesitate to contact us for help. We are always ready to assist you. 

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