What Does Stingray Taste Like? – A Delicacy To Try

If you’re searching for something different to try on your next vacation, don’t pass up the chance to taste stingray! Stingrays have a wide range of tastes depending on where they were captured and what they ate. Scroll down to find out the answer to the question “What Does Stingray Taste Like?” now!

What Does Stingray Taste Like?

Stingray flesh combines tastes that you would normally encounter in fish. More specifically, its taste can be described as the combination of scallops (or lobster)  and fish.

It has an intriguing texture compared to a shark because of its hardness and density when properly cooked.


Stingrays are typically served raw or undercooked to preserve them for lengthy periods. You may also prepare it and savor the flavor comparable to that of white-fleshed fish and lobster.

Is Stingray Safe to Eat? How Can You Serve Stingray meat?

Can you eat Stingray? – Yes, you can definitely eat stingrays. Their meat is edible!

The flavor of a stingray is not at all terrible. It’s actually pretty tasty, and in certain places, such as Malaysia or Singapore, it’s considered a delicacy when paired with sambal spicy sauce or soy sauce! 

Can you eat Stingray

The Pastel de Chucho (Stingray Pie) may sound weird to you, but I guarantee you that if you taste this Venezuelan recipe, you will experience a flavor explosion.

In restaurants, people normally process the fins, around the eyes, and the liver of this fish. The rest, on the other hand, contains too much cartilage and is too chewy to savor.

If you’re searching for something special, the wings are your best bet. They taste wonderful, whether grilled or deep-fried! As the meat production from these species is limited and expensive, you must also consider the economics. When someone orders a stingray in a restaurant, it’s always about quantity over quality.

Why Do Stingrays Taste Like Ammonia? 

Stingrays taste like ammonia because the function of their kidney is similar to the sharks’. In detail, stingrays’ kidneys are in charge of excreting urea from the body’s tissues.

This is because their bodies and tissues have developed over millions of years to tolerate seawater, as well as protect themselves from water loss while immersed in the ocean depths. When a stingray dies, its bacteria degrade these chemicals, especially the ure, converting them to what you’re undoubtedly familiar with as “ammonia.”

Why Do Stingrays Taste Like Ammonia

The improper gutting of the species might cause the stench of urine in the meat. You may have inadvertently sliced up their kidneys and other organs, allowing urea to seep into their body. 

On the other hand, baking a stingray with baking soda may assist in removing these odors by creating alkaline conditions on top of neutralizing any acids – thereby eliminating unpleasant aromas!

What Are The Benefits of Eating Stingrays?

In fact, the meat of this fish can bring you more health benefits than you might have expected!

Great Source of Protein

A 200-gram portion contains 35 grams of protein, which is necessary for muscular development.

Vitamin, Carbs, and Calories Dense

Protein, fat, calcium, carbohydrates, calories, phosphorus, Fe, Na, and potassium; vitamins A, B1, B2, P, and C are abundant in stingray flesh. 

Vitamin, Carbs, and Calories Dense

These are all healthy nutrients that can help your body boost its immunity, enhance brain function, and lower the risk of severe conditions, including cardiovascular disease.

Decent Amount of Minerals

It’s no surprise that stingray flesh has so many benefits for our bodies. The minerals include potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and copper, which are all necessary for proper organ function such as the brain or heart, among other things!

What Are The Precautions Of Eating Stingrays?

Stingrays have poisonous barbs and spines. Therefore, you must be mindful of extreme caution to avoid eating these parts. Although they should not be consumed, many people worldwide love them grilled or raw with a negroni drink! People react differently to the poison.

Some researchers point out stingray venom is typically not deadly since it has to reach deep into your bloodstream by injection beneath the skin. However, we strongly advise against ingesting it!


How To Clean A Stingray?

To make the fish edible, whether you purchase them at the store or raw fish, you must first learn how to clean them properly!

Step 1: Remove the primary barb at the tail’s tip

The first step is simple. 

All you need to do is use a knife to remove the primary barb at the end of your tail and get beneath its sheath, just like you would do with any other blade/pointy item on an animal.


Yet, as those barbs have these very lengthy tendrils, it can be difficult to remove them. We suggest you use specialist pliers.

Step 2: Determine the dividing line between the wings and the body

This step is to help you decide which portions are edible. Many people believe that the wings are the best portion of a stingray, as the remainder of the stingray consists of cartilage and is too difficult to eat.

Step 3: Cut along the line where the wings meet the body using a filleting knife

The wings are fragile and must be handled with care to keep them intact. It is critical to cut along the cartilage from one side, turn your knife to where there is no bone on the other side and continue cutting down until you reach additional connective tissue. 

Finally, use a gentle gliding motion with the knife to peel off the meat and skin.

Step 4: Soak stingray flesh in saltwater for 30 minutes

To remove any smells, make use of the combination of salt and water! Prepare a huge saltwater basin, and soak the stingray in it for at least 90 minutes.

Final Thoughts

If you want to try a new seafood dish, a stingray is one to consider. Do not worry about the ammonia flavor of it, as you can use some spices and sauces to get rid of it. This fish has several health advantages, including being high in protein, low in mercury, and high in omega 3s!

Hopefully, this post has helped you answer the question” What Does Stingray Taste Like?” Thank you for spending your time to read this post!

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